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Prime Cookies

We are using high quality European butter for our brown butter cookies, which makes it richer and flavorful. Browning the butter creates multiple layers of flavor and gives a deeper toffee-like taste. Each cookie is generously packed and perfectly blend with premium dark chocolate chips. It was rated with 5 stars by “Tough Cookie Critic”, and remains our Best Seller cookie.

N.Y. Style Cookies

Inspired by the world’s famous cookie that is originated in New York City, USA. This soft, chewy and bigger than your palm cookie is packed with high-quality real chocolate chunks. This cookie was included in the “Yummy Ph 25 Favorite Desserts of 2018″.

Our Christmas promo starts from December 5 to 23, 2020 only. You can make the reservation now and complete the payment on or before December 4. However, if you have not yet decided with the date or finalized the quantity of your order you can still make a reservation at least 2 days ahead the desired pick-up date with complete payment upon reservation. For bulk orders, you must advance your reservation at least 3 to 7 days ahead and make a 50% downpayment upon reservation.

Please take note that we do not entertain on the spot orders.

Payment Guide

Complete the payment at least 3-2days ahead of the pick-up date. No payment within the said period your order will be automatically canceled.

For Bulk Orders, 50% upon reservation and complete the balance 1 day before the pick-up date.

Option1: Bank Deposit or E-Wallet
Accnt. Name: John Henry T. Estabillo

  • BPI
    Accnt. No: 4249-0075-66
  • Unionbank
    Accnt. No: 109451900390
  • GCash and Paymaya
    Account No: 09176274109


Option 2: Straight Payment thru Paypal


Once done with the payment:

  • Submit proof of payment with name and order number. Send it to our social media pages or at info@henrysbestcookies.com
Delivery and Pick-up Guide

Free delivery for orders worth P10,000 and up. We will be the ones to handle the delivery booking, just make that you have a representative to claim the orders because we do not accept delivery returns. Provincial areas are not included.

For Pick-up only:

  • This is for the orders below P10,000.
  • You will be the one to book the delivery.
  • We highly recommend the Lalamove service and always make sure that the“Insulated Box” option is checked or selected because we’re not responsible if your orders don’t fit with the compartments built-in in the Motorcycle.
  • If you have more than 10 orders we highly recommend using MPV or a full car option instead of the Motorcycle because the Insulated box can only fit 10 boxes and more than that it may damage the box/es and we will not be responsible for it.
  • Pick-up time: 10 am to 5 pm.
  • The delivery fee will be shouldered by the customer.
  • Search location pick-up point: Henry’s Best Cookies
  • Input our address: House no.8 Cadena de Amor St., Modesta Village, San Mateo, Rizal.
  • Input Contact Person: John Estabillo
  • Input Mobile: 09176274109




  • We’re not responsible for any damaged, unclaimed and spoilt items.
  • We’re not responsible for the wrong input of the location address.
What's your policy?

Delivery service:
We do not have responsibility for any unexpected circumstances that may occur between the customer (booker) and the rider (Lalamove). Circumstances such as:

  1. Wrong input of location address.
  2. Wrong input of details (Name, address, and mobile number)
  3. Lost, spoilt, and damaged items.
  4. Additional fees asked by the driver for unexpected or long waiting.
  5. Unclaimed items.
  6. Return items with additional fees (Same amount from the original delivery fee).

Strictly we don’t allow returns for unclaimed orders via Lalamove. Make sure that you have a representative to receive and pay the delivery fee.

Returns and refund:

We make sure that our cookies are new and undergo the process of quality control.

  • Our cookies are freshly baked within the day of pick-up or delivery.
  • For bulk orders, we bake the cookies a day ahead of the delivery date or depending on the number of orders.

We only allow returns and refund if:

  1. The items are proven spoilt when received.
  2. The items are proven with unexpected elements when received.

All concerns will be investigated properly and must be proven with valid evidence.

How to properly store your cookies?

All cookies are recommended to be consumed within 3 days.

  • Place the cookies in an airtight or well sealed container.
  • We recommend to store it in the freezer to preserve the taste and texture up to 1-month. This will also enhance the flavor and texture of the cookies. To defrost, the best way is to let it sit in the room temperature for 10-15 minutes or until soft to eat.
  • If you want to warm the cookies we recommend to use baking oven at 350F for 1 to 2 minutes (2-3 mins. for NY Style cookies) or until soft to eat. Make sure not to overbake the cookies.
  • To warm the cookies in the microwave the recommended time is less than 10-15 seconds only. Do not over warm the cookies.

Life span and freshness:

For Prime cookies:

  • At room temperature: 5days (Freshness: 2days)
  • Refrigerated: 1 week (Freshness: 3days)
  • Frozen: 1 month (Freshness: 1month)

For New York Style cookies:

  • At room temperature: 5days (Freshness: 3days)
  • Refrigerated: 1 week (Freshness: 3days)
  • Frozen: 1 month (Freshness: 1month)
* Time and temperature may vary depending on the type and brand of microwave oven or baking oven.
* All our products don’t have preservatives. Everything is homemade. 

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Your Ultimate Cookies!

Soft, chewy, and addictive — that is how we maintain the delightful products we serve. These homemade cookies, baked to perfection, are made from high quality ingredients and packed with real chocolate chunks and chips.

Henry’s Best Cookies started last 2016 as a simple plan of selling cookies as gifts for the loved ones during the Christmas season. Surprisingly, the small-scale business sold more than 3,000 cookies in less than a month. And because of the overwhelming support from the customers, we did the same thing in 2017.

Today, we want our growing business to reach more people. We are more than happy to sell cookies not only for Holiday seasons but for the rest of the year. We will keep improving to give you the ultimate cookie experience!

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