Christmas Package

It’s time of the year again! Plan your list now and make us part of your gift giving.

No more slots.

Your Ultimate Cookies!

Soft, chewy, and addictive — that is how we maintain the delightful products we serve. These homemade cookies, baked to perfection, are made from high quality ingredients and packed with real chocolate chunks and chips.

Henry’s Best Cookies started last 2016 as a simple plan of selling cookies as gifts for the loved ones during the Christmas season. Surprisingly, the small-scale business sold more than 3,000 cookies in less than a month. And because of the overwhelming support from the customers, we did the same thing in 2017.

Today, we want our growing business to reach more people. We are more than happy to sell cookies not only for Holiday seasons but for the rest of the year. We will keep improving to give you the ultimate cookie experience!


Every cookie is made from scratch in our humble Kitchen. It’s always fresh and guaranteed no preservatives.


All our cookies are packed with high quality real chocolate. So you will get layers of chocolate in every bite.


We make sure that we handpicked the best ingredients available. And we take quality control seriously.


Our secret is dedication. We always strive to make the best cookies and finding ways to improve our cookies.