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Before making an order, please read the guidelines first. Thank you!


Free Delivery (Lalamove): Orders worth ₱10,000 and above only, and we will handle the booking. Just make sure that you have a representative to receive the items. This only applies for one or same delivery date with single or multiple orders.

Availability: For our Christmas special, it is only available within Metro Manila.

LBC Delivery: We don’t deliver via LBC. We only accept same-day delivery such as Lalamove or Transportify.

Pick-up (Lalamove): For orders below 30 boxes, please use Lalamove (Motorcycle) and make sure that the “Insulated Box” option is checked to secure the products. While orders with 31 boxes and up please use Car or MPV service. You can book the pick-up from 11 am to 5 pm only. You may also personally pick-up your order if you are not familiar with this kind of delivery service.

*Pick-up rule: We do not shoulder delivery fee and we do not handle pick-up booking except for orders above P10,000 only. Also, if the customer fails to meet the delivery rider or fails to claim the item we will not entertain return delivery, items, and fees. This issue will be between the customer (booker) and the rider (Lalamove) only.

We’re not also responsible for any delays and damages when it’s being delivered by courier (Lalamove), you may contact the delivery service if you have complaints. We are not related or partnered with any delivery services, Lalamove is just our preferred service because of the “Insulated Box” option feature they have but you may use other services at your own risk.

For customers who are qualified for Free Delivery, we will handle the delivery booking, just have a representative to claim the items. Since we will be handling the booking, if there’s an inconvenience in delivery we will help it fixed. But again it is the same rule applies when you fail to meet the driver.

Also, expect that the arrival of the delivery may delay due to traffic situation we have in Metro Manila. We suggest to have it scheduled at 11:00 am, the earliest.

*The best way to avoid any hassle in delivery is to be mindful of the scheduled booking, check if the quantity of your order fits in the vehicle you booked, and always be reachable via mobile on the day of delivery. 

*Reservation rule: We only bake the cookies a day/s before the specified delivery date. Please reserve it in advance for at least a week especially for bulk orders with 30 boxes and up. Orders will be declined if it is not possible. If you fail to pick-up the baked cookies you may still get it on your other preferred date but we will not bake a new batch for you and we can’t give your reserved baked cookies to others because every customer expects good and new cookies. So make sure to follow your set delivery date.

Payment: For orders worth ₱5,000 and up, we will be requesting a 50% downpayment. Full payment and downpayment must be completed at least a week before the delivery date.

Payment method: We accept online/ on-site bank transfer, Paypal (with fee), and GCash.

Reschedule and cancellation/ refund: It must be done a week before the delivery date.

Pre-order Promo: To qualify for the promo you must order on or before November 28, 2019.

Dates: December 5 to 20 are the only dates available for delivery/ pick-up. We do not accept orders/ delivery from December 21 onwards. We will announce if we will open new slots.

Payment details

All reserved orders must be paid within the specified dates. Also you may place a downpayment to secure your orders since we only make limited cookies. Send us the proof of payment with your name.

You can pay to these following accounts:

  • BPI
    Accnt. Name: John Henry T. Estabillo
    Accnt. No.: 4249-0075-66
  • Unionbank
    Accnt. Name: John Henry T. Estabillo
    Accnt. No.:109451900390
  • PAYPAL (add transaction fee. Calculate the fee on this link: https://www.onlinefeecalculator.com/index-Phillipines.php)Accnt. Name: John Henry T. Estabillo
    Accnt. Email: john070190@yahoo.com
  • GCash
    Accnt. Name: John Henry T. Estabillo
    Mobile No.: 09176274109
Delivery Location

Lalamove Pick-up:
– The customer will be responsible to book the delivery for pick-up.
– Make sure to check the “Insulated Box” option to secure your item.
– Pick-up time: 11am to 5pm only.
– Delivery fee will depend on your location and will be paid by the customer upon delivery.
– We just need your name upon pick-up or you can give us their plate number.
– Location pick-up point: Lower Daffodils, San Mateo, Rizal

Please see images for reference:

Contact person: John Estabillo
Mobile: 09176274109
Address: House no.8 Cadena de Amor St., Modesta Village, San Mateo, Rizal

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