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our best collection


Always Fresh

Everything is FRESH and we only bake it the time you order it.

100% Safe

We handle it with care and we do not add any preservatives.

High Quality

From ingredients to packaging, everything is in the highest grade.

All real

There’s no substitute to the real thing, from butter to chocolate. All is real!

N.Y. style Cookies

Thick and packed  with real Chocolate chips and fillings. The cookie alone, without the chips, weighs 5 ounces. That’s double the size of our standard cookies but it remains soft, chewy and slight doughy on the inside.

This New York Style cookies is a must have on your cart. It’s very addictive and definitely satisfying.

Grandma's Cinnamon

Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and packed with real milk or dark chocolate chips. It’s a classic taste of cinnamon and molasses flavor. It has a crispy outer shell but definitely soft/chewy on the inside. This is our small size cookie with at least 50 grams each.

Perfect for any occasions especially during Christmas season.

Classic Cookies

Deep Dark Flavor
– It is enhanced with molasses syrup that gives more complex taste. Perfectly combined with dark chocolate chunks.

Lighter Flavor
– This cookie has a hint taste of honey flavor. It’s chewy and soft inside. Available in both Milk and Dark chocolate chunks.

Cookie Variety

Classic chocolate chip cookies are already great but sometimes we need to add a bit of flavor and excitement to level up the experience.

In our collection we are offering Double Chocolate Cookies, Matcha cookies, and Classic with Bluberry Cream Cheese Filling.

Ube Supreme

Philippines’ most known and well-loved flavor, Ube. We love to mix it with Halo-halo and other Filipino delicacies. It makes every dessert delicious and appealing. This cookie is a perfect partner with White chocolate chunks.


How big is the cookie?
The size per cookie has approximately 4inches wide and 1/2 inches of thickness. It weighs 90-95 grams per cookie for larger version. While 50-55 grams for standard medium size cookies.

For danger cookies at least 110-115 grams per cookie.

For N.Y. Style Cookies, it weighs at least 170-170 grams each. It has 4-4.5 inches wide and 1-1.5 inches thick.

Chocolate Brands
We only use high quality real (Couverture) chocolate. It has real and better taste, and smoother texture.
We use different brands of chocolate such as Callebaut, Ghirardelli, Guittard and a local brand, Auro.
Basic Ingredients
It’s not different from the classic recipe. Our cookies are made from real butter, fresh eggs, sugar (Brown/White), and flour. Of course we do not add preservatives.

For flavored cookies, we use high quality flavored powder and liquid flavorings. For cocoa base, we use rich flavor Dutch processed cocoa.

Why we chill the dough?
This is not a secret in the baking industry. This is widely used technique in baking cookies.

The reasons are the following:
– It’s easier to work on the cookies especially in molding.
– It wont spread too much which gives a better lift or thickness.
– It will give a better texture and flavor.

Shelf life
This is 100% home baked and 100% No Preservatives. It’s recommended that it must be consumed within 3 days since the freshness will depreciate within a week. However, it will still last for a month.

For storing, place it in an airtight container then you can also put it in a refrigerator for a month to somehow preserve the freshness.

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