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Prime Box (P180)

  • No minimum order
  • 4pcs  Prime Cookies
  • Made with French Butter and Belgian Chocolate Chips.
  • 300 boxes will be available only

    BOX-A (P225)

    • No minimum order
    • 6pcs Medium size cookies
    • Fixed Flavors
    • 300 boxes will be available only

    3 flavors (2 each):

    • Classic Dark Belgian Chocolate Chips with Milk Hershey’s Chocolate on top.
    • Ube cookies with White chocolate chunks inside and on top. Plus grated cheese.
    • Dark cookies with Dark chocolate chips plus cranberries inside, and Almond flakes on top.

    BOX-B (P250)

    • No minimum order
    • 2pcs New York Style Cookies
    • Fixed Flavors
    • 100 boxes will be available only

    2 Flavors (1 each):

    • N.Y. Style Chocolate Chunk Cookies.
    • N.Y. Style Dark cookies with Dark chocolate chunks.

    BOX-C (P360)

    • No minimum order
    • 3pcs  New York Style Cookies
    • Fixed Flavors
    • 100 boxes will be available only

    3 Types (1 each):

    • N.Y. Style Chocolate Chunk Cookies.
    • N.Y. Style Dark cookies with Dark chocolate chunks.
    • N.Y. Style Classic with Blueberry and Cream Cheese

    Please read first the guidelines before making the reservation.

    Dates to remember
    • If you have some unexpected changes please inform us immediately.
    • December 20 to January 3: No delivery and orders will be accepted.


    • Jan. 4: Resume of delivery
    Limited boxes available
    • 300 boxes for Box of A
    • 100 boxes each for Box of B and C
    Delivery Guide

    Delivery App:

    • We only allow pick-up to our location. You can use the following delivery services and please download the app:
                  1. Lalamove with insulated box to secure the item but if you ordered in bulk like more than 30 boxes please choose a bigger car in the option.
                 2. Grab. Please choose Transport option if you have more than one order.
                 3. Transportify. Highly recommended for bulk orders.
    • This is only available in Metro Manila.
    • Check your confirmation email or the FAQ page for the details of our location.
    • Pick-up time is 10am to 5pm only.


    • If you prefer to use LBC, the delivery days will be 2-3 days since it’s peak season.
    Delivery Fee
    • The delivery fee will be based on your location using Lalamove or any delivery app. This will be paid by the customer upon delivery.
    • Free delivery fee for orders worth above 10,000 and we will be the one to book your delivery. Hassle free! Just make it sure that someone will be able to receive the cookies.

    LBC delivery fee:

    *Fees may still vary on total weight or location. Fees indicated below are just the estimated amount as downpayment, we will still contact you if the total fee is beyond the estimated amount.

    • P250 to P300 for small LBC box (1-2 box of cookies)
    • P550 to P600 for Medium LBC Box (3-8 box of cookies)
    • For bulk orders we will directly contact regarding the total Delivery fee.
    Few Reminders
    • We will not be responsible of wrong delivery address or pin location specified by the customer (Check your email confirmation or the FAQ page here for the details of our pick-up location).
    • We will strictly follow your specified delivery date. Unclaimed orders can still be claimed within 7 days but cannot be exchanged to newly baked cookies and refund will not be entertained.
    • We strictly do not allow or accept any returns or even shoulder the fees if the customer fails to claim the items. Everything will be between the customer and the rider (Delivery) only. 
    • We’re not responsible of any delays and damages when it’s being delivered by courier.
    • Delivery delays may occur due to traffic situation.
    • We can’t bake the cookies on the day of delivery because it will cause delay. 
    Storage Guide
    • Every cookie is well sealed in a plastic pouch.
    • Place in an airtight container when opened from plastic pouch.
    • You can refrigerate the cookies for 1 to 2 weeks and it can be warmed-up in a microwave oven for 5-8 secs only. (Settings and brand may vary)
    • The cookies’ freshness will last up to 5 days without refrigeration.
    • Our cookies are home baked and no added preservatives.

    All reserved orders must be paid within the specified dates. Also you may place a downpayment to secure your orders since we only make limited cookies. Send us the proof of payment with your name.

    You can pay to these following accounts:

    • BPI
      Accnt. Name: John Henry T. Estabillo
      Accnt. No.: 4249-0075-66
    • Unionbank
      Accnt. Name: John Henry T. Estabillo
      Accnt. No.:109451900390
    • PAYPAL (add transaction fee. Calculate the fee on this link: https://www.onlinefeecalculator.com/index-Phillipines.php)Accnt. Name: John Henry T. Estabillo
      Accnt. Email: john070190@yahoo.com
    What is Lalamove, Grab and Transportify?

    Lalamove and Transportify are app to your phone where you can book your delivery within the day. You can even track  your delivery in real-time. This is a person-to-person delivery, which means you need at least have a representative to pick-up the item and pay the riders upon delivery. They can wait for you but for a limited time only.

    This type of service is not the kind of traditional delivery service like LBC. The rider needs the receiver to be reachable anytime on the time of delivery.

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