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How to Order
1. Go to “Shop” page.
2. Choose the product to buy and add to cart.
3. Once you finalized your order, click “Check Out”.
4. Fill out the form.
5. Choose Delivery method.
6. Choose Payment method.
7. Submit your order
8. Once paid, send a copy of deposit slip to: info@henrysbestcookies.com
9. You will receive an email that your order is now in process.

* You will automatically receive a confirmation order with our bank details.
* Keep checking your email for order status.


Pick-up only:
– The customer will be responsible to book the delivery for pick-up.
– Make sure to check the “Insulated Box” option to secure your item.
– Pick-up time: 1 pm to 5 pm only.
– Delivery fee will depend on your location and will be shouldered by the customer.
– We just need your name upon pick-up or you can give us their plate number.
– Input location pick-up point: Waling-Waling, San Mateo, Rizal

– Input our address: Blk 2B Lot 19, Cadena de Amor St., Modesta Village, San Mateo, Rizal.
– Input Contact Person: John Estabillo
– Input Mobile: 09176274109

If you’re having a hard time to locate, just search for Modesta and follow the image below:

* We’re not responsible for any damaged, unclaimed and spoilt items.
* We’re not responsible for the wrong input of location address.


1-2 Business Days Delivery:
– We recommend LBC.
– For the fees, it will depend on the location, weight, and number of orders. 
– There will be a P500 deposit and we will return the change. The P500 will include the delivery fee, bubble wrap, and other protective items.
– If the fee exceeds from P500, we will contact you.

For wholesale orders:
– We will use the Transportify app for a bigger vehicle delivery.
– Contact us for negotiation and other details.


Payment method/ Process

Payment cut-off day is every Wednesday at 3pm only. We will have to cancel your order if you’re unable to process it before the said cut-off day and time.

Option1: Bank Deposit (BPI and Unionbank)
Select Bank Deposit payment.

  • BPIAccnt. Name: John Henry T. Estabillo
    Accnt. No.: 4249-0075-66
  • Unionbank
    Accnt. Name: John Henry T. Estabillo
    Accnt. No.:109451900390


Option 2: Straight Payment thru Paypal
Check out and choose Paypal as payment method.


Option 3: Another options:

  1. Banks are generally open during weekdays only. For BPI they have ATM Machines for Bank deposit transaction.
  2. You can also pay us through M.Lhuillier, Western Union and even in Coins.ph. However, we will not shoulder the transaction fees.


Once done with the payment:

  • Submit a copy (scanned) of the Deposit Receipt. If its online deposit take a screenshot or send the reference number. Send it to our email address. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation from us.
How to properly store your cookies?

All cookies are recommended to be consumed within 2-3 days for a better experience.

Prime Cookies:

– Place the cookies in an airtight container.
– Life span without refrigeration is 1 week, beyond that, the texture will get crumbly and dry, and the taste will be awful.
– It can be refrigerated for up to 2 weeks but the cookies will get hard.
– To extend the lifespan, and preserve the flavor and texture, you may place the cookies in the freezer for up to a month. Do not use microwave oven to defrost the cookies, we suggest to let it sit at room temperature for up to 5 to 10 minutes or until soft. It is also best eaten straight from the freezer if you prefer the crunchy texture.
– From the freezer, you may also reheat the cookies in the baking oven at 350F for 1 to 2 minutes.


New York Style Cookies:

– Place the cookies in an airtight container.
– Life span without refrigeration is 1 week, but it’s highly recommended to consume it within 2 days since the texture will change over time.
– We only recommend the cookies to be refrigerated for a week or better less. Reheat the cookies in the baking oven for 350F for 2 to 3 minutes or until soft. Do not over reheat, it might burn the cookies.
– You may use a microwave oven but only for 5 to 8 seconds or until warm and soft. Do not over reheat, it will get very soft.


* Time and temperature may vary depending on the type and brand of microwave oven or baking oven.
* The lifespan of all our cookies is 1 month but the flavor and texture will change. Within 1 month our cookies are still safe but we do not recommend to let sit the cookies in the container for long. Please refer to the guidelines above to avoid unfortunate circumstances.
* All our products don’t have preservatives. Everything is homemade. 
Expected Delivery Date

All orders will be available for pick-up from 1 pm to 5 pm only. We only accept orders that were placed ahead of the pick-up date, at least 1-2 days advance. 

Is it available nationwide

Yes, we do deliver nationwide. For outside Metro Manila, we deliver via LBC Service only. Delivery fee and additional fees may vary depending on your location, weight, and number of orders. We will be asking for a P500 deposit and the change will be returned. If the delivery fee exceeds from P500, we will personally contact you. 


We do not have responsibility for any unexpected circumstances may occur between the customer (booker) and the rider (Lalamove). Circumstances such as:

  1. Wrong input of confirmed location address.
  2. Wrong input of details (Name, address and mobile number)
  3. Lost, spoilt and damaged items
  4. Additional fees asked by the driver for unexpected queueing (Long waiting).
  5. Unclaimed items.
  6. Return items with additional fees (Same amount from the original delivery fee).

Strictly we don’t allow returns for unclaimed orders via Lalamove. Make sure that you have a representative to receive and pay the delivery fee.

Returns and refund:

We make sure that our cookies are new and undergo the process of quality control.

  • Our cookies are good for 1 week without refrigeration.
  • For bulk order, we bake the cookies ahead of the delivery date depending on the number of orders. 

We only allow returns and refund if:

  1. The items are proven spoilt when received.
  2. The items are proven with unexpected elements when received.

All concerns will be investigated properly and must be proven with valid evidence.

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